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Sean Riley

Born and raised in the New England area, Sean spent most of his childhood outdoors, enjoying the fruits of nature, hunting and fishing. He quickly became passionate about the untapped potential of a life outside of the confines of a cubicle. In his college years in Florida at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, he joined a rural search and rescue team where he was rapidly elevated to the lead tracker and actively assisted the US Coast Guard and local authorities in missing persons cases.


It was in this position that he refined his teamwork capabilities and became attuned to thinking outside of the box. After graduating with honors in 2018, he joined US Army Military Intelligence where he gained vast experience in handling people of all cultures and places.


While deployed with the Special Operations community in Iraq, he was directly responsible for training and advising host nation intelligence personnel, as well as conducting various mission functions as an individual. This experience has enabled Sean to work in the most austere of conditions, all the while maintaining his composure, resolve, and mission orientation.

After his military service, Sean went on to become the Marketing Operations Director for SuperGlass Windshield Repair HQ in Orlando, Florida. While there, Sean was responsible for aiding over 300 franchises in their marketing campaigns through social media, merchandising and cold calling.

Although Sean didn’t know it at the time, such experience would offer invaluable expertise and ability to reach a variety of audiences across all marketing platforms. However, Sean quickly realized that a nice office and air conditioning was not his future and that is when in 2022, his longtime friend and colleague, Will, pitched the idea of the Liberty Tree Ranch LLC.


From that point on, Sean has dedicated every ounce of his time and effort into building this dream into a reality in order to better serve the local community, veterans and future generations of wilderness enthusiasts. Sean is excited to continue this process with his longtime friend Will and soon to be wife, Lola Ogunfowokan.

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