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Lola Ogunfowokan

Born in Brooklyn, New York and raised in Orlando, Florida, Lola has always had an appreciation for the outdoors. Over the years, Lola has learned to embrace the beauty and adventure of the wilderness, but always brings her city girl fashion and flair into every aspect of her life. During her childhood, she spent many years learning about the outdoors and valuable life skills as a Girl Scout. After her first camping experience, she was captivated by nature and the lessons learned from it; survival skills, empathy and hard work. A few years later, a new passion came into Lola’s life in the form of mathematics. During her last two years of High School, she took classes in accounting and earned a position as a bank teller at her high school's Credit Union. Though it was a brief exposure, Lola learned the value of budgeting, tracking expenses and handling large transactional amounts. Lola knew the obvious next step was to earn a degree in accounting. In order to attend University, Lola enlisted in the Air Force Reserves three months after graduating high school. 

After successfully completing all required training in the Air Force, Lola began her job as an Aviation Resource Manager, working side by side with aircraft flight crews. Her role has enabled Lola to not only lead other airmen, but also master skills in management and record keeping using a multitude of software systems. While serving in the Air Force, Lola attended Barry University, graduating Summa Cum Laude with a degree in Business Administration. Courses in accounting, business management and development taught Lola some of the invaluable skills that she utilizes with the LTR. Lola currently serves as the Superintendent Aviation Resource Manager and continues to apply the skills that she has learned in college and life to better develop the airmen serving alongside her as well as streamline the processes in her office by managing various flight crews, rescue missions and command taskings. As her military career begins to wind down after 14 years of dedicated service, she knows that the adventure of the LTR with her soon to be husband, Sean Riley, will be both challenging and rewarding. Lola is currently in the process of obtaining her bookkeeper's license and CPA certification in order to more effectively manage the day to day financial operations of the LTR.  

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