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What we offer

In a world where high rises and concrete jungles have overextended and irreversibly destroyed the beauty of the natural environment, The Liberty Tree Ranch is born with the intent of restoring a pioneer spirit in all generations by providing a unique agricultural hospitality experience that promotes stewardship of the land.

The LTR aims to establish a sustainable business model by blending the agricultural and tourism industries into a boutique country resort. Through the use of biodiverse, multicrop, organic farming that offers both fresh and value-added foods to local markets, the LTR presents alternative and sustainable ways of sourcing food for its guest and local community.


In their niche markets, small family-owned, non-commercial farms are leading the way in profitability and environmentally responsible business models in the agricultural arena. However, few agricultural businesses in the Northeast, and even fewer in the Pocono Mountains Region, are attempting to mitigate the risks of monocropping, prevent soil nutrient degradation, while offering a tailored, genuine, rural hospitality experience.



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