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The Liberty Tree Ranch will be a boutique country resort in the Pocono Mountain Region of Pennsylvania. The LTR is currently accepting applications for investors who want to partake in this exciting and one of a kind business. Agritourism is a rapidly expanding industry in the US. After the COVID-19 pandemic in 2021, the Pocono Mountain Region alone boasted 27.9 million overnight visitors. The revenue derived from “overnight accommodations” in the Pocono Mountains increased by over 275% between June 2020 and June 2021, rising from $10,881,000 to $40,833,000 per annum. Representing the agricultural industry, Pennsylvania ranked 2nd in the country for local ag market profit generation and was responsible for $600 million dollars of direct market food sales in 2022. By combining these two massively profitable industries, The Liberty Tree Ranch is poised to outclass local competitors and, as such, financial projections are higher than initially anticipated.


The leadership of the LTR is offering well established investment groups as well as individuals who have not previously invested in land development an opportunity to start or strengthen their real estate portfolio. The cost per share has been set at a level that allows smaller or first time investors to buy in to the same rate of return as large scale investors, while the number of shares allows more established investors the opportunity to purchase shares in bulk. 


The Liberty Tree Ranch is utilizing a profit share model which will allow its investors to benefit from the profits of the Ranch at rates of return 5 times higher than that of the S&P 500. The Ranch is projecting strong cash on cash ROI over the course of its first 5 years (at which point the Ranch will be fiscally solvent).

The project is progressive, modernized, and scalable and we look forward to speaking with you about our vision.


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