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About Us

The concept of The Liberty Tree Ranch was born into existence in late 2019 during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic over a dining room table at 10:30 at night. It was a wild and constantly changing set of ideas and concepts.

When Sean and I formalized the concept in 2023 we knew we had to create an environment of self-sustainment and community after we watched the nation struggle to meet the needs of its citizens both in the grocery store and in their personal environments. We wanted to materialize a location where people can witness the natural beauty of the land and learn about conservation efforts and the benefits of locally-grown food.

Our leadership team made its sole mission to provide guests an area in which they can reconnect with their personal communities beyond the screen of a mobile device. Each member of the leadership team is exceptionally talented and dedicated to the ideals and success of the Liberty Tree Ranch. We are all family (by blood or by choice) and together create a highly functioning and motivated team. 


The Liberty Tree Ranch is guided by five core values that serve as the foundation for its success and vision: Patriotism, History, Family, Community, and Conservation


Is at the forefront of the ranch's mission as it is owned and operated by disabled veterans of the Global War on Terror. The concepts of freedom and a hard earned appreciation of peace are embedded in the ranch's ethos and realized by providing a space to share and enjoy the liberties fought for by past generations of America’s service men and women.


Is a cornerstone of the ranch's ideals, recognizing the value of creating genuine memories and spending quality time together. The Liberty Tree Ranch provides a space to disconnect from technology and the rush of life in a concrete world. We seek to foster a reconnection with loved ones through the simplicity and clarity of the outdoors.


Is crucial to our understanding of who we are as individuals, communities, cultures, countries, and citizens of the world. The Liberty Tree Ranch is dedicated to reinvigorating this connection through tangible experiences, not just through the pages of a history book.

Environmental Stewardship

Is an essential value that guides the ranch's business ethos. The Liberty Tree Ranch will exist with the land, not on it, and its responsibility to the environment is realized through daily actions, not just words. The animals, the land, the trees, and waterways of the ranch are its greatest asset, and the ranch is committed to protecting and preserving them for generations to come.


Is a fundamental principle of the Ranch grounded in helping others realize the importance of creating familial bonds with those not connected by lineage. The Ranch is committed to ensuring that people from all walks of life are included in the experiences it offers, and to giving and supporting the Ranch’s neighbors.

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