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Will Niedzwiecki

Will has been an avid outdoorsman for a majority of his life. Born and raised in New England, he spent his childhood in the Boy Scouts developing a deep appreciation for the natural environment. He enjoyed frequenting ski mountains, campgrounds, hunting land, and National Parks in the mountains of Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont.

He was raised with the spirit of a pioneer with a love for conservation, camping, hiking, shooting, archery, and survivalism. In 2008, he enlisted in the US Army serving as a Military Police Officer and Infantryman where he excelled in marksmanship and convoy operations. It was in the Army that Will learned how to (and sometimes how not to) manage a team, both as a leader and as a follower.


He deployed to Ghazni Providence, Afghanistan in 2013 and conducted 93 combat missions while in theater. When he returned, he attended Embry Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, FL. There he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Homeland Security and International Relations. Will and Sean Riley met in school and ended up taking a private intelligence contract together in Jerusalem, Israel in 2015 where they developed their lifelong brotherhood. Once Will graduated, he began working for several private military contractors across Europe and the Middle East.


In 2019, after his last contract in Saudi Arabia, he was offered a Federal Civilian job working for the US Army Futures Command as the Emergency Operations Officer. This position included working as the organization's Anti-Terrorism Officer, Emergency Manager, Intelligence Liaison, and Physical Security Officer. It was here that he refined his operational understanding, logistical experience, large scale corporate relationships, and contractual knowledge. 

While working for the Department of Defense in 2019, Will created the concept of the Liberty Tree Ranch. He understood that with the advent of COVID, Americans everywhere were looking for answers and a simple solution to the shortages and mandates that had become a part of everyday life.

During that highly transitional time in his life, he met a beautiful and intelligent Colombian engineer named Carolina and that, as they say, was that. After relocating to Northeast Pennsylvania with Carolina and his daughter, Valerie, he pitched the idea to his longtime friend, Sean and the two of them formed the Liberty Tree Ranch, LLC with the goal of creating a recreational space that would teach others a love of the environment and how to relearn self-sufficiency.


After carrying a rifle and wearing body armor for the better part of 15 years, Will realized it was time for a drastic change. In the spring of 2023, Will stepped away from government service for the last time and began a journey that would redefine his abilities, resolve, and fortitude. He is proud to present the Liberty Tree Ranch as a testament to his years of service to his country and invites all who would come, to join the fraternity of those with the pioneer spirit.

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